An Open & Affirming Congregation of the United Church of Christ

What is this thing called “church?”  We say church is a gathering of people who are seeking an experience of the holy, whether it is heard in a song or prayer, or seen in acts of compassion. Being part of a church doesn’t mean we think we’re perfect.  You won’t find perfection here, only people who are practicing getting along so we can get along in the world.  If that description fits what you’re looking for, walk through our doors and find out for yourself.


We are a unique church that embraces all people from all walks of life and all religious experiences.  If you were raised in another tradition, or have never set foot in a church before, we understand. In the United Church of Christ, our motto is, “God is Still Speaking,” meaning God was revealed not only in the ancient books we call the Bible, but God is being revealed every ordinary and extraordinary day.  Think we might be the church for you? You will only find out by experiencing our worship, our community outreach, or our healing ministries.  Come, God is opening the door for you today. 


New to Church?